Body Space Name

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     General Suggestions

Body, space, and name are three most important characteristic of human existence, which are under the influence of each other, and exist in time. 
The main  idea of the project: creation on the exhibit place special artistic space, law - accidental structure, projection of reality and time, where 
body and name of real town's space intersect with bodies and names of real men. 
Artistic conception and fillings will create general conditions to start "the game", and step by step project's space will be filled with real things, 
traces of real people and life. 
Geographical organization, details of everyday life, accidental stuff, things and names, taste and sound of present CITY existence, "shadows, 
and tales of it's times", public mind and people's mentality examples, will be collected and overworked into artifacts, symbols and signs. 
 Street's stuff, photographs, video, audio records of town, as well as public who will get into the projective space will get a new value, and will 
become a part of context. All visitors will be photographed, their footprints will be signed with names and dates, and colored in blue on symbolic 
map of  CITY on the paper which will lay over the floor. Photographs of faces will be situated on the walls above the black line - kind of border between present and past which will round over exhibit space. Brought in stuff will be colored in blue and will be brought out, back to the town, 
as an artistic projection into the real space. 
This way, during the time of the project, up to the end of exhibition, will get a visible life "another map" of  CITY, where will be collected and 

Project Body, space, name supposed to be realized "in progress" in the most important for human culture big sites, which are "concentrated life, 
and time". Each time project should be realized in collaboration with artists who live in the city which give to project the own name.
Wien, supposed to be the second place for realization of the project. First project was had done in the St-Petersburg, in common work with Switzerland's artist Jorg Mollet in 1999. 

Body Space Name in the St-Petersburg, 1999